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Improve mitk::UIDGenerator
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The algorithm for generating UIDs in MITK (mitk::UIDGenerator) is quite rudimental and might not work for every case.

An idea is to have a look at the boost algorithm which is well implemented:

There is also a link to an ISO standard concerning UIDs:

UID generation is closely related to random number generation, but keep in mind that an ideal UID generator should really assure that an ID is unique (maybe all over the world, depending on the use case).

At the moment std::rand is used in mitk::UIDGenerator, but another possibility might be the ITK random number generator.

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Has there been any further discussion about the improvement of UID generation in MITK?
I was looking at the boost uuid library as I found the MITK UIDGenerator and was pointed to this task.

The unique property has been improved here: T25927.
At the moment it has not the standard pattern, but has a flexible length.

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T23741 introduced the useage of boost::uuid as internal implementation of UIDGenerator.