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Introduction of UIDs for data/nodes etc
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Introduction of UIDs for Objects in MITK (current scope Nodes and BaseData-derived ones). This should allow to uniquely reference/identify data (e.g. in the context of DICOM).

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FYI, stumbled over mitk::UIDGenerator today.

Yes. Currently I use it in the domain specific solutions. But it got a very weak Implementation. If we use it, it should be reworked in T23741.

I also used a different UID-Generation in my SemanticRelations Module (based on boost/uuid). As this might not be necessary in the future when using UIDs for objects, it would be desirable to have a common UID Generator in MITK (see T14333).

I merged all branches of resolved subtasks into the branch of this task. UID generation is currently done by mitk::UIDGenerator. I suggest to improve/adapt this class to resolve the remaining subtask T23741: Specify default UID generation method.