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Rendering of images with multiple components per voxel leads to a crash
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  1. Enable checkbox in Q-Ball reconstruction view -> advanced settings.
  2. Reconstruct image

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Here, a multi component rendering is required. Feature request: bug-14807

New remote branch pushed: bug-14713-shImageCrash

Please describe how this affects core? I cannot find that in the description.

Loading of images like itk::Image< itk::Vector<Type, 15>, 3> - with multiple componetns per voxel - leads to a application crash.

A common use case can be found in MITK Diffusion by reconstruct Q-Ball images with the advance setting "Output SH-Coefficient Image" enabled (this is also a test-procedure).

Setting TargetMilestone to 2013-06 ( for all critical, major and some medium bugs).

What is the status of this bug? Please change the target milestone to "AfterNextRelease" if this bug is not relevant or cannot be fixed in time for the 2013-06 release.

@Jonas: what is the status here? Is your fix the definite solution or should it be still solved by other means. If not, could you please provide the respective ChangeRequest to get the CoreModificationFlag+ ?

Possibly another consequence of the T15457 ( crash in rendering for warp field images ).

This bug is now part of the Bugsquashing SCRUM program.