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3M3 DataManager
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rev. 16328:

  • moved most of the sources into the internal folder
  • added doxygen groups

The datamanager view has rendering problems when it's vertical size is too small. The child widgets could be placed in a QScrollArea to provide scrollbars.

pls have a look in T1741 concerning my comment on scrollareas

Porting is finished. Close this general bug. Please open new bugs if any occur.

bug reopened as everyone is unsatisfied. probably some rework on data manager

[SVN revision 19485]
FIX (#1895): SPlitted DataManagerView and PropertyListView

After discussion with Danial M. and Sascha, we decided the following:

  1. The DataManager will show a tree of DataNodes, where nested Nodes represent derived Nodes from its parent. Each Node will have a DataType-related icon and a checkbox to toggle the visibility
  1. The Ordering of the top level nodes is responsible for the corresponding Layer-Value, whereas Subnodes always have a higher Layer value than its parents.

E.g.: Suppose the following tree

  • Image1
    • Segmentation1
    • Segmentation2
  • Image2
    • Segmentation1
      • Surface1

Then the layer properties would be set as:

  • Image1 (layer: 3)
    • Segmentation1 (layer: 4)
    • Segmentation2 (layer: 5)
  • Image2 (layer: 0)
    • Segmentation1 (layer: 1)
      • Surface1 (layer: 2)
  1. Via Drag n` Drop the nodes can be moved in the tree and consequently their layer property will be recalculated
  1. The DataManager will continue to emit selection events and will furthermore set the "selected" property in each node appropriately
  1. To change the selection in the DataManager programmatically the DataManager will listen to other selection events and will set its selection appropriately
  1. The DataManager will offer a context menu for each Item to change important properties, like the opacity. Furthermore it will offer actions like save, delete, etc.
  1. The DataManager will offer the possibility to add own Actions in this menu in order to add new actions related to DataNodes

One addition:

  1. If the "helper object" property is set or if the BaseData contained in a DataNode is 0, the node and its children will not be shown in the DataManager

changed the title. This bug contains all relevant facts for the new 3M3 version of the Datamanager

[SVN revision 19636]
FIX (#1895): Redesign of the DataManager:

  • Slightly changed DataTreeNode: see T2726
  • Added a DataStorageTreeModel
  • Added a QmitkNodeDescriptor which holds icons and class names and a corresponding Manager
  • Added DataType Icons in Qmitk

[SVN revision 19638]
COMP (#1895): Removed typo in TableModel

[SVN revision 19639]
COMP (#1895): Make PropertyList tests work again, cast from void* to int exchanged by void* to long (hopefully no GCC errors)

[SVN revision 19641]
COMP (#1895): Try to toggle update on continous client

[SVN revision 19697]
FIX (#1895): Adapted interface of NodeDescriptor, added icons for Planar Figures, added convenience Function in QmitkFunctionality Visible() and Hidden()

[SVN revision 19698]
FIX (#1895): Adapted interface of NodeDescriptor

[SVN revision 19843]
FIX (#1895): When instantiating a new NodeDescriptor no QIcon is constructed but rather the path to the icon is passed in the constructor. The icon will be constructed from this path when calling GetIcon()

[SVN revision 19982]
FIX (#1895): Added support for setting the selected property (not connected now).

[SVN revision 20041]
ENH (#1895): Added FourPointAngle Node Descriptor

[SVN revision 20043]
FIX (#1895): DM now sets the "selected" property appropriately, PropertyList is aware of already selected nodes when opened

[SVN revision 20150]
FIX (#1895): Erased error in drag and drop which led to undefined behaviour (related bugs: #2744, #745)

[SVN revision 20159]
CHG (#1895): Shorter, hopefully simpler menu items; provide at least a little margin to opacity and color menu items

[SVN revision 20162]
FIX (#1895): Added Node Descriptor for PlanarRectangle

[SVN revision 20244]
FIX (#1895): Sending selections is now handled correctly by the DataManager

[SVN revision 20276]
FIX (#1895): Prior to make new selections, the "selected" property of all nodes will be set to false instead

[SVN revision 20341]
FIX (#1895): Added new Icons

[SVN revision 20342]
FIX (#1895): New Icons for DataManager

[SVN revision 20343]
FIX (#1895): Added new icons

[SVN revision 20344]
FIX (#1895): removed old QMitk icons

[SVN revision 20351]
FIX (#1895): Replaced the "Toggle Visibilty Workaround" by a real estimation of the chekstate

[SVN revision 20397]
FIX (#1895): If no name is entered in the DataManager the Name is reverted

[SVN revision 20410]
FIX (#1895): renamed Data Storage to Data Manager

[SVN revision 20511]
FIX (#1895): Using activated/deactivated in registration view, DM does not inherit from QmitkFunctionality anymore

[SVN revision 20574]
CHG (#1895): Removed General Preference page for 3M3

[SVN revision 20615]
FIX (#1895): Added a m_IsVisible member and IsVisible function to QmitkFunctionality. The visibility is now checked in each SelectionChanged method of the 3m3 views to avoid unnecessary background calculations.

[SVN revision 20624]
FIX (#1895): Reverting last changes to selection changed

Removing 3M3 keyword. all relevant bugs closed.

[SVN revision 20631]
FIX (#1895): Removing property list from 3M3

This fix should go into the branch, not the trunk...

[SVN revision 20659]
CHG (#1895): Reactivating property list for SandboxApp

Merging "Datamanager" component into ExtApp plugins