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Upgrade external dependencies
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I get the following error in Eigen if I try to compile MITK with MSVC14:

<mitk-bin>\bin\ep\include\eigen3\eigen\src/Core/SolveTriangular.h(189): error C2280: 'Eigen::Block<Eigen::Block<Eigen::Map<Derived,0,Eigen::Stride<0,0>>,-1,-1,false>,-1,-1,false> &Eigen::Block<Eigen::Block<Eigen::Map<Derived,0,Eigen::Stride<0,0>>,-1,-1,false>,-1,-1,false>::operator =(const Eigen::Block<Eigen::Block<Eigen::Map<Derived,0,Eigen::Stride<0,0>>,-1,-1,false>,-1,-1,false> &)': attempting to reference a deleted function

If I use a newer Version of Eigen (v3.2.8), this error disappears. Maybe Eigen also needs an upgrade?

Are there any plans to also update the DCMTK Snapshot?

We'll update at least everything that necessary for using MSVC 2015.

And also DCMTK as it seems to be necessary in order to compile MITK on Ubuntu 16.04 as far as I know.

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