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Upgrade to latest d3.js and reimplement histogram with QWebEngine
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Since the upgrade to Qt 5.6, the d3.js based histogram isn't working anymore. We need to fix/reimplement the histogram and take the opportunity to upgrade to the latest d3.js version.

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I re implemented the histogram using c3.js in a separate module. C3 is a D3-based reusable chart library. The measurementtoolbox plugin now uses the new QmitkC3jsWidget from the C3js module.

That will be nice if we will have statistics and histogram separated from measurement tools plugin because qwebengine is really massive but planars can work without it.

The new histogram is merged into master together with the new ImageStatistics implementation in T19609-integration-branch2

The image statistics tests are failing (see Looks like they try to access test data that is not included in the MITK data tarball. @isensee

You are right. I forgot to add some data to the MITK data tarball. Now that Jan is gone: who should I contact for adding the required data? What is missing are just some dummy segmentations and planar figures, all in all less than 1MB

@isensee Clone the MITK-Data repository and add the missing data, please. No need for branches, just work on the master. As soon as you're done, write me and I'll update the tarball. Before, please make sure that all tests are running, as some tests fail because of other reasons and updating the tarball is a kind of "heavy" task.