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Stable version of navigation modules based on 2016-11 release
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Build a stable version of the navigation modules:

  • include all finished bug branches since 2016-03 release
  • fix critical bugs
  • final tests with all navigation release checklists

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Last branch got wrong task number. Please ignore it here.

T19751 is related to IGT and can be considered for the stable version. It's fixed in the master branch.

The last branch I pushed was only an integration test into the current master. Please continue using T22595-NavigationModules-2016-11 as stable navigation branch.

When using the actual branch "T22595-Masterintegration-2018-01-09" (last pull 15.01.2018) the EchoTrack-Plugin compiles with 144 errors (without the EchoTrack-Plugin everything compiles fine):

example errors:

"void USNavigationMarkerPlacement::Convert2DImagesTo3D(itk::SmartPointer<const itk::VectorContainer<unsigned int,mitk::DataNode::Pointer>>)": Memberfunktion bereits definiert oder deklariert (Quelldatei wird kompiliert ...\src\Plugins\\src\internal\NavigationStepWidgets\QmitkUSNavigationStepZoneMarking.cpp) org_mitk_gui_qt_igt_app_echotrack ...\src\plugins\\src\internal\USNavigationMarkerPlacement.h 168

"QWidget *USNavigationMarkerPlacement::m_Parent": Neudefinition (Quelldatei wird kompiliert ...\src\Plugins\\src\internal\NavigationStepWidgets\QmitkUSNavigationStepZoneMarking.cpp) org_mitk_gui_qt_igt_app_echotrack ...\src\plugins\\src\internal\USNavigationMarkerPlacement.h 214