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Dicom plugin: Retrieve does not work
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The last steps from the checklist ("press retrieve button") don't work. No data is available at Local Storage.
Querying to wdb works.
The error (in the log console) is:

: Requesting Association
I: Association Accepted (Max Send PDV: 16372)
207.16 core.mod.apputil.baseApp ERROR: setting value to 0
207.16 core.mod.apputil.baseApp ERROR: GET Request failed: No valid Study Root GET Presentation Context available
I: Releasing Association

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We tried

  • MITK 2016.11 and 2016.03. Also there, retrieve didn't work.
  • public servers instead of wdb ( We could not perform a query there.
  • computer with public ip. Nothing changed.
  • gdcmscu command line tool. Could query data, but not a retrieve
  • build the ctk dicom query retrieve widget. Query worked. We are not sure if query worked. No error was shown.
  • changing the configuration of DICOMQR at wdb-admin. didn't help either.
  • test old DIPP version. Does query work there?
  • test to connect to public servers outside DKFZ
  • test radiant viewer to do query

Tested it with DIPP 2017.02.9000 (based on MITK 2016.3.99-049f5b6c) on SIDT-PC14 query and retrieve worked there.

Here is a log from a working q/R session.

Tested DICOM query/retrieve with Radiant

  • PC with DKFZ net, with proxy
    • wdb
      • query does work
      • retrieve does not work
      • query does not work
  • PC with eduroam
      • query to does work
      • retrieve does not work

Okay, so this sounds to me as if it is nothing MITK specific here. I close this task, please re-open if you disagree.

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This does still not work (Retrieve from wdB fails, when going throw the "Checkliste DICOM Browser".
I have to look into this.

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This issue is not wDB related, but MITK related:
Query with CGET activated and then Retrieve:
Retrieve does not work, MTIK directly shows:

Retrieve Preocess Finished

Also deactivating CGET does not help, after Query has been performed.

But Retrieve is working, when Querying with CGET deactivated!

For the Retrieve part CGET can be activated or not, the retrieve works in both cases.

@gaoh could you check if the problem is solved either with the branch or as soon as it is in develop?

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So for the current develop:
With or without CGET activated. When trying to Retrieve a dataset after Query, I get an Exception:

Exception thrown at 0x00007FFDDAFB158B (CTKDICOMCore.dll) in MitkWorkbench.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x0000000000000010.
Unhandled exception thrown: read access violation.
**this** was 0x10.

@gaoh Could you please specify which PACs you used to provoke the error. Or did it have this problem with multiple systems?

Oh sorry, I thought it was clear, because the title is wDB related:
I used the wDB. I did not test it with a different PACs system, but I can try and report back...

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So I tested it with Orthanc (without CGET only):
With 2018.04.2 retrieve works. With the current develop branch MITK crashes with the same exception:

Unhandled exception at 0x00007FFC46F88BED (CTKDICOMCore.dll) in MitkWorkbench.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x0000000000000010.

So it is independent of the PACs system.