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2020 Week 27
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T26721: Prepare Qt 5.13 compatibility
T27347: [Registration] Evaluator/Mainpulator new autoselect behavior wanted?
T27477: [Segmentation] Selection concept displays 'Favorite node list' by default leading to user confusion
T27490: Correct handling of time points selected by SliceNavigator
T27491: Rework MatchPointRegistrationManipulator & MatchPointRegistrationEvaluator to be time point aware
T27492: Rework QmitkBooleanOperationsWidget to be time point aware
T27497: Intensity profile of dynamic image only works for first timestep
T27517: [Segmentation] Seg tools crashes when segmentation starts for images with minimal time bounds > 0
rMITK119dbc557eb9: Unsupported/untested qt version is now a warning, not a cmake error
rMITKb2582322ba49: Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/T25753-Refactor-selection-concept-classes'…
rMITKdb065cd38360: Fix comments, refactor, clean code
rMITK22dab9b92203: Refactor PointSet Interaction plugin to use the new node selection widgets
rMITK479e4c4805f5: Merge branch 'bugfix/T27503-GCC-9.3-Ubuntu-20.04' into develop
rMITK9827e87b0805: T27490 - Correct handling of timepoints selected by SliceNavigator
rMITKdb7545f1ff98: Fixed broking unit test
rMITKd68e055ff3bd: T27491 Corrected time point awareness of MatchPoint views
rMITKf7333b92e781: T27497-Statistics_view_intensity_profile_slider_does_not_work
rMITK064ad45c08bf: T27464 CEST generic readers.
rMITK6ca565676bec: T27477 Improved_node_selection_preference_page_default_settings
rMITK224dfa5c6e76: Do not explicitly set the visibility of the widget planes
rMITKbd6eeb2d651f: T27517 Seg_crash_on_minimal_time_bounds_greater_0
rMITK0cee80b3b4a5: T27347 MatchPoint_evaluator_and_manipulator_auto_select
rMITKbd7b41ba163a: T27492 Make BooleanOperation time point aware
T25753: Some refactoring of the selection classes
T27503: Fix GCC 9 compiler errors on Ubuntu 20.04

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