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Multilabel segmentation does not work with US DICOM images
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Using the data giving in T27554 multilabel segmentation does not work for neither vendor or format available (series does not show up in drop down for "Patient Image").

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floca triaged this task as Normal priority.Jul 19 2020, 3:26 PM
floca created this task.
floca added a project: Missing Info.

@kleesiek: I cannot reproduce the problem with our current develop/master branch. Does it also fail for you in the recent versions?

@floca: Can you please post a download link for the Mac installer / binary of the most recent version?

@kislinsk can we currently produce MacOS Installer via CI? This would be the easiest way to provide a current installer for jens to test.

Yes, they are in the workspace of the Nightlies but I hesitate to provide them externally as they have a bunch of problems. Besides the DICOM-loading problem that we currently have with the installers in general, the macOS MITK Workbench from the installer is not executable by clicking on the One have to use the terminal, cd into the package and execute the actual MitkWorkbench executable.

kalali renamed this task from Multilable segmentation does not work with US DICOM images to Multilabel segmentation does not work with US DICOM images.Jan 1 2021, 1:56 PM

@kleesiek Sorry. Just saw that it dropped of the radar. In the meantime the new release installer is out. Could you test it with the current workbench release? Thanks.

I was not able to reproduce this bug on Windows with the v2021.02 release as well as the current develop branch