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Segmentation tools are disabled
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Segmentation tools are disabled after switching between different modules even though a segmentation is selected. Also happens when starting the application while the segmentation module is hidden, afterwards the tools stay disabled even after creation of a new segmentation.

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QmitkToolSelectionBox::SetGUIEnabledAccordingToToolManagerState() is responsible for activating the widget completely or not.

it tests the member variable m_Enabled, which will be set to zero from somewhere (its hard to find where, because it overloads setEnabled of QWidget).
m_Enabled stays then zero, and the tools will be never again enabled.

With following commit we introduce a workaround,
by preliminary forcing m_Enabled to true,
and everythings seems to work fine for now.

But, Daniel (Maleike) can you please look why this happens.

[SVN revision 19916]
FIX (#2788): workaround for disabled tools

Please check at least methods

void QmitkSegmentationView::PartHidden(cherry::IWorkbenchPartReference::Pointer)
void QmitkSegmentationView::PartVisible(cherry::IWorkbenchPartReference::Pointer)

We could also shortly discuss this

[SVN revision 19950]
FIX (#2788): further simplify logic and remove unnecessary variable

Merging "applicazion modules" component with "ExtApp plugins"