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Auto-selection preference for Segmentation View was hijacked for something else
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It now controls the auto-selection feature of the selection widgets but it was supposed to hide all other images and segmentations during a segmentation session like it is still done in the multi-label segmentation.

For v2021.01 I adapted the tooltip but an actual fix would be to go back to the original intended behavior.

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kislinsk triaged this task as Normal priority.Jan 31 2021, 2:01 AM
kislinsk created this task.

I tested it and now this explains T27498#217602.

I also looked into QmitkSegmentationView.cpp and see that the property auto selection is now used to define the SetAutoSelectNewNodes modes of the image selectors.

kalali removed kalali as the assignee of this task.EditedFeb 2 2021, 10:18 PM
kalali edited projects, added MITK, Next Milestone; removed MITK (v2021.02).

Ok, I withdraw from this for now. It is useless to fix this since both views are basically the same but their implementation is different (some things are copied, others aren't). Before putting any effort into this I refer to T28142 and propose to refactor the whole thing after the release.