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StatusBar / mouse scrolling is broken
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The statusbar info is not updated correctly in specific situations. The Position / Index shown is not always correct and I would like to investigate why it is like this:

To reproduce:

  1. open MITK workbench, load an image (I tested Pic3D and Brain)
  2. make sure that the image is reinitialized to its center position (usually the case when a new image is loaded)
  3. move your mouse pointer to any location inside of the image and scroll a few slices
  4. observe how the slice number / position / index increases or decreases, depending on the scroll direction
  5. at one point stop scrolling and scroll exactly one step in the other direction
  6. observe how the slice number / position / index still increases / decreases instead of going in the other direction

This might be because of some number rounding, depending on the direction from which the scrolling is coming, but I want to mention this here so that we are aware of this

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This also happens in other cases where such a geometry-display-conversion is be performed but the geometry is not yet updated correctly. This is relevant also for D686 and D697.

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I added the PR ( as a differential.