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Selected items in PointListWidget does not get a blue selection color
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When selecting an item in the PointListWidget this item will be selected as point such that the renderer moves the cross to the correct position and the point can be moved or deleted by keys but it does not show the typical selection color. This color is first shown after e.g. moving a point with "F2".

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It would also be nice if the PointList starts counting with 1 instead of 0.

The PointListWidget does not count, it displays the PointID of the point.

In that case it should show the PointID + 1.

That doesn't make sense, the PointIDs are not necessarily consecutive, PointIDs can be 5, 17, 55, 300,...

Is it possible to start the table with a counting number and in the next column "ID ...". It would be nice if the numbers in the table could be consistent to the label numbers of the pointset.

thats simple: the label numbers that the pointset mapper displays are wrong. The mappers should display the pointID... (IMHO)

[SVN revision 20558]
FIX (#3087): Highlights selected points in listview.

change request is not linked or attached. could you please write a few words on what you want to change?

change request for T3087.

I don't get it. It works until I start removing points again...

[SVN revision 20617]
FIX (#3087): Showing the point ID instead of the iterator ID

[SVN revision 20621]
FIX (#3087): Restored old situation. New code did not function correctly.

Points in the list correspond with labels on screen. The selected list item should still be highlighted blue when it is clicked.

[SVN revision 21599]
FIX (#3087): selecting an item by mouse click event, the item will be highlighted correctly.

Reassining to Diana, who was working on this.

We can close this bug. The deleting issue is discussed in T3416

Merging "applicazion modules" component with "ExtApp plugins"