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Online doxygen does not work correctly
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Since the restructuring of the module documentation into a main page and several subpages the online doxygen does not work correctly anymore. Instead of linking to the new main pages of the modules documentation there are only links to the sub pages. Therefore, the pagetitles are something like "Usage", "Features", "User Manual". This should be changed to link to the main page from which the sub pages can be reached.

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We noticed this as well. One idea is to revert to the former structure and change the qt help system to add all pages in one help file by collecting the user manual dirs. Sascha, what do you think? I know the plugin-wise generation is much nicer, but I have no better idea right now.

Hmm... I think I would just introduce a custom doxygen command which evaluates to "\mainpage" or "\page", depending on the context.

[SVN revision 20774]
ENH (#3117): new doxygen custom command \bundlemainpage

[SVN revision 20775]
ENH (#3117): fixed replacement of bundlemainpage alias

[SVN revision 20776]
ENH (#3117): improve global cmake access to bundle directories by creating them as CMake projects, added new target helpPages3m3

[SVN revision 20777]
ENH (#3117): basic structuring for html help, volume visualization manual has already some subpages

So in principle, this is correct?:

\bundlemainpage{org.volvis} The Volume Visualization Module

\section QVV_MainPageOverview Overview

Click \subpage QVV_UserManual for more detailed information.

\page QVV_UserManual User Manual

\section QVV_UserManualOverview Overview
  <li> \subpage QVV_EnableVRPage
  <li> \subpage QVV_PresetPage

\page QVV_EnableVRPage Enable Volume Rendering

\section QVV_LoadingImage Loading an image into the application
\section QVV_EnableVR Enable Volumerendering

\page QVV_PresetPage Applying premade presets

\section QVV_Preset Internal presets
\section QVV_CustomPreset Saving and loading custom presets

[SVN revision 20792]
DOC (#3117): combine the two pages into a single help page

[SVN revision 20794]
DOC (#3117): Corrected documentation for the org.mitk.gui.qt.vesseltreesegmentation bundle

[SVN revision 20795]
DOC (#3117): now using sections instead of pages to structure the document

Search and replace \section by \subsection

Search and replace \page by \section

+ create a navigation menu

For more help, take a look in the .dox file in the documentation section of vesseltreesegmentation

[SVN revision 20801]
DOC (#3117): Corrected documentation for the Volume Visualization bundle

[SVN revision 20812]
ENH (#3117): Added Aliases to allow for sections to be used for html only. Made 3M3 Bundle mainpage overall mainpage. Added section with links to the other bundles for html help.

[SVN revision 20818]
DOC (#3117): Changed the registration manuals to be on a single page for each module.

[SVN revision 20823]
CHG (#3117): modified measurement's and datamanager's documentation according to the wished format

[SVN revision 20824]
FIX (#3117): Removing duplicated Pictures

[SVN revision 20825]
FIX (#3117): Removing duplicated Pictures

[SVN revision 20826]
FIX (#3117): Readding MeasurementFigureButtonline.jpg

[SVN revision 20831]
ENH (#3117): Removed antiquated (and not found) references. Fixed the bundlemainpage comand in the dicom browser module

Thanks to Caspar and Jan for fixing this!