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outline binary property has no effect
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The outlinebinary property has to be respected in the labelset-image renderer.

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I can confirm this bug.
When drawing a contour during segmentation, the region will be immediately filled (it should be rendered as outline binary).

This issue causes us a lot of problems, so I'm going to fix it in our fork.
Also I want to commit this fix to MITK.

Currently I see two options:

  1. Make mitk::LabelSetImageVtkMapper2D to respect "outline binary" property.
  2. Make mitk::LabelSetImageVtkMapper2D to respect new "" and "labelset.contour.all" properties.

What is the right way to handle this problem?

Note that there are already two properties for contour width: old "outline width" that is ignored and new "labelset.contour.width" that is used.
Basing on this, I'm leaning toward the second solution.