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Remove pixel informations from the statusbar and put it into views
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Shouldn't we remove the pixel information etc. from the status bar completly?
Wouldn't it be better to let such feature be implemented via views? Currently it is very hard wired into the workbench itself and we build up a lot of dependencies. See also problems like T24767: Workbench crashes when loading two 3D+t images with different number of time steps.

Depending on the use case/applications, there are different logics plausible to convert a world coordinate and time point into information out of the storage (e..g pixel values).

I think that I makes more sense and is a clearer design to bring it into views and use a pattern like we have in the ModelFitInspector ore the DICOM inspector to update information in a view regarding to the current world/time position.

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We have discussed that task. It was agreed that the statusbar is not the right place to put this information. It was also agreed that the feature (showing the value of the current position) should not be skipped and is used in many applications.

Possible solutions (ordered by favor/approval):

  1. The information should be displayed in the render window directly as an overlay.
  2. We make a dedicated view that displays the information (as mentioned in the task description)
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