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Miniapp for basic DICOM testing
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For Kaapana, it would be great to have a MiniApp, which enables basic DICOM-file tests.
These tests should already be available, since they are already done while loading images into MITK.
The simplest version would be an executable, which:

  1. Takes an DICOM-path as input parameter
  2. It should try to load all corresponding DICOM files in the same dir
  3. Run the basic heuristics from the DICOM reader
  4. If suggesting single 3D Volume -> exit 0 or exit 1 if there are some problems detected (maybe even a small explanation whats could be wrong)

That would be a minimal approach - your ideas and improvements are very welcome :)

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kislinsk triaged this task as Wishlist priority.Sep 11 2020, 12:27 PM

check content, e.g. if != 0 voxels exist etc

check content, e.g. if != 0 voxels exist etc

I think that is a usefull check in general.
But I also think that this should not part of a DICOM Testing app for the following reasons:

  1. it degrades coherence of the app purpose.
  2. it will slow the app down because the content has to be read and not just the tags interpreted. (You could avoid that by options, yes, but that would make the app logic more complex)
  3. I think such a check is better in its own check app (agnostic to the data format) that checks the pixel content of images. There you could allow all kinds of check on the histogram.
    • !=0 is just one case, you could imagine others like
    • CTs should >=-1000 and normally not supposed to be >=0
    • MRI are supposed to be >=0...

@schererj Is this needed for the kaapana release?

May be also other basic geometry aspects could be of interest (like in the VerifyDump app used for DICOM testing in mitk)?


Pixeltype: SHORT
Dimension: 3
Dimensions: 64 64 4 

But this might be a later version or seeing how @kahl pushes our python binding ;), we could think in a later version just allow to specify any python snippet containing a function that evaluates the generic information. Then we would have max freedom for use case specific sanity checks... (Just brain storming for now).

This is not planned for the Kaapana release.

Maybe a nice introduction project for a new student.

floca moved this task from Backlog to In candidates on the MITK (v2023.04) board.
floca removed a subscriber: kahl.

Discussion result: nice to have wären auch die Informationen des "first pass" (-> welche reader configuratoin, findet wieviele volumes und welche Dateien werden verwendet) schön.

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