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Segmentation plugin: "new" segmentation should not run reinit!
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When creating a new segmentation ("New..." button) the position of the views is reset to whatever the default is. This can be really annoying given the following (and probably often occurring) workflow:

  • load an image
  • navigate to the position that you want to annotate (this position can be hard to find)
  • notice that you forgot to create a segmentation
  • press "New..."
  • view resets automatically
  • shit. gotta find object of interest again :-D

I know, this is a minor thing. But I ran into it multiple times and began feeling frustrated :-)


image.png (21×441 px, 5 KB)

Ubuntu 18.04

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I agree on that. I had some problems with that with the new mxn-multiwidget. The topic was also mentioned in T27613: Improve reinit behavior.