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2022 Week 17 (Very Late April)


2022 Week 17 (Very Late April)

The following - possibly updated - changelog can be viewed as formatted
article at https://phabricator.mitk.org/w/mitk/changelog/2022.17/.

NOTE: This is the last snapshot before the next official MITK release.

🛠 Third-party dependency changes


✨ New features

  • Segmentation
    • Improved default color palette for labels
    • Improved generic naming and coloring of newly created labels
    • Added preference (and command-line argument --Segmentation.labelSetPreset) for default label set presets
  • Volume Visualization
    • Simplified the interface of volume visualization

🐛 Bugfixes

  • Segmentation
    • Made some segmentation tools more aware of the active label and labels in general
    • Fixed invisible contours in some cases when drawing in multiple render windows
    • Fixed crash when creating polygon models of segmentations (was recently introduced with ITK v5 upgrade)
    • Fixed crash when using the picking tool on dynamic segmentations
    • Fixed selection of multiple labels
    • Removed actions from labels context menu that never were implemented
    • Removed hard to use fast marching and watershed segmentation tools
    • Various fixes and improvements in the experimental nnU-Net segmentation tool
  • Image Cropper
    • Fixed repetition in naming of cropped images
  • Preferences
    • Fixed default render window colors when resetting preferences for Standard Multi Widget

🔥 API-breaking changes

Volume Visualization

The simplification of the Volume Visualization UI allowed us to get rid of otherwise unused legacy classes and properties.

The following classes were removed without replacement;

  • 📂 Modules
    • 📂 Core
      • VtkVolumeRenderingProperty
    • 📂 MapperExt
      • GPUVolumeMapper3D
      • vtkMitkGPUVloumeRayCastMapper
      • vtkMitkOpenGLVolumeTextureMapper3D
      • vtkMitkVolumeTextureMapper3D

The following properties are no longer used by MITK or were renamed:

  • volumerendering.cpu.*
  • volumerendering.ray.*
  • volumerendering.gpu.reducesliceartifacts
  • volumerendering.gpu.usetexturecompression
  • volumerendering.gpu.* volumerendering.*
  • volumerendering.usegpu
  • volumerendering.uselod
  • volumerendering.usemip
  • volumerendering.useray


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