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[mxn multi widget] Re-initializations reset all render windows
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A re-init of the data nodes occurs often during a workflow. The mxn multi widget has some problems with that.
In a typical scenario the user opens a specific number of render windows, shows / hide certain data nodes of the storage to individually display different images. Maybe navigate individually in each render window (zoom, scroll).
If a reinit for all registered render windows is requested, this user defined preset will be reset to the node being reinitialized.

I propose to first gather different actions which lead to a update request.

Multi Widget (Editor)

  • changing the preferences page of the std- / mxn- multiwidgeteditor

Segmentation Plugin

  • creating a new segmentation via the segmentation view
  • changing the node selection in the data manager, if auto selection is enabled
  • if the contour marker is selected
  • changing the preferences page of the segmentation view

Possible solutions

  • allow locking specific render windows
  • use own rendering manager for the mxn multi widget (not the singleton one) so that the mitk::RenderingManager::GetInstance()->RequestUpdateAll() or GetRenderingManager()->RequestUpdateAll() calls do not affect the render windows of the mxn multi widget
  • only initialize certain render windows (active / selected, related to used node, ...)

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  • creating a new segmentation via the segmentation view

Has been disabled for the BlackSwan Demo. A "re-initialize selected nodes" button has been added, which will reinitialize the geometry of both selected nodes only inside the currently active render window.