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[mxn multi widget] Concept for crosshair data type
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The latest concept for a crosshair for the mxnmultiwidget is the CrosshairManager which provides three orthogonal plane geometries (as pane nodes) for each individual render window.
We should define a new concept for render window crosshairs, probably a dedicated data type and a dedicated mapper class, that can also be used for the StdMultiWidget.

Problems with the current approach:

  • the plane nodes / plane geometries are dependent on the renderer geometry which seems to be unnecessary
    • we had a point set for crosshair before, which was only dependent on the world position but that had its own flaws (see {T26627}).
    • inspecting the plane geometry data mapper (PlaneGeometryDataMapper2D::CreateVtkCrosshair) could give us more insights
  • there is no concept of sharing crosshair position between individual render windows
  • plane nodes clutter the data manager
  • dedicated data types could also provide more information, like pixel information / value
    • currently the render window specific visibility is not taken into account