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[mxn multi widget] Concept for individual render window synchronization
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This task serves as a basis for a concept for individual render window synchronization. The goal is to come up with a solution for some scenarios, described in this task.

The current implementation of render window synchronization was done in T23758: Introduction of custom multi widget editor and T24216: Synchronization of individual render windows: camera position.
Current situation:

  • all render windows of a mxnmultiwidget are desynchronized
  • synchronizing them using a button in the configuration toolbar on the right side of the multi widget (all render windows are synchronized / connected)
    • this will not synchronize their current position but synchronize the mouse interaction
    • synchronized functions: crosshair position, slice scrolling, camera view (zoom, pan, ...)


  • allow individual render windows to be synchronized / desynchronized (instead of "all or nothing")
  • allow synchronizing their current state ("immediately synchronize their position / view")
  • allow something like (show the same slice / time but -1 / +1) for inspection of "neighboring slices"