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Reimplement volume annotations for segmentations
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Currently, the 2D image mapper performs the annotation for 2D images which have a volume property (e.g. a segmentation with the volume of "20 ml").

To achieve a clear software architecture, this should be done by an other class. This could be called mitkVolumeAnnotationVtkMapper2D or simply mitkVolumeAnnotationMapper. There are mappers in VTK especially for text rendering. I will specify this more soon.

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Matthias: Did you already have a look at the annotations in VTK?

Andi and I had a look at the old code and the old functionality. We decided that we do not want to reactivate the old stuff, because the old behavior is awkward and the code is outdated.

There are different ways how to implement this:
-Use Qt-text overlays to render the volume
-Use the existing VTK method (in mitkVtkPropRenderer), which should be moved to an own mapper for text
-Try out new means of VTK for textrendering

This all requires some investigation, but is an important feature request, because it used to work.

This could be implemented with our new Overlay framework of Christoph.

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This tasks came up again in the discussion of the clipping plane plugin, which allows for volume annotations for segmentations. Since we decided to remove the clipping plane plugin from the MITK release, this task was tagged with "Next Milestone" in order to restore the useful feature of volume annotations also outside the clipping plane plugin.