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[Segmentation] Jump to center of mass of segmentation on click
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If you have many different segmentations in an image it might be useful to quickly jump between them by changing the crosshair position to the center of mass of the clicked on segmentation.

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I guess this will be done with T15696 at which sebastian is working

Yes, it is already almost working like that in bug-15696-multi-label-segmentation-v5
Since the center of mass (or centroid) may be located outside the segmentation (e.g. a banana-shape object), I am using the median voxel found in a default rasterization, but of the complete object, i.e. starting from the upper-left vertex of the label's bounding box. A better approach would be to start the rasterization from the center of mass ...

Is it there any other geometric property of a 3D object that ensures a location inside it? Note also that the calculation should be fast. Another possibility would be to save this "center" position in the label data structure and update it every time the segmentation changes.

This feature request will wait for suggestions :-)

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I'm currently using this inside the semantic relations plugin and I'm thinking about moving the functionality to the data manager context menu or similar.

We decided in the MITK meeting that is a complex issue regarding UI-integration at other places as soon as you have multi-label segmentations. That's why we propose to keep the functionality at your plugin for the moment.

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Due to the refactoring of the (MultiLabel) Segmentation modules / plugin views we postponed this again. We need the functionality to explicitly address specific labels of a label set image so that we can compute the center of mass of a specific label.
Also, in the long run we don't want to rely on the data manager / context menu to select the current segmentation / jump to the current segmentation but rather provide additional possibilities (e.g. inside other plugin views) to focus the camera view to a segmentation mask.