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Refactor LabelSetImage and associated classes.
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As discussed in we want to address several problems that are caused or enforced by the current design.

This tasks focuses on the refactoring that solves

  • P2: Label manipulation code is scattered
  • P3: Labelset is (too) statefull 1 - Active Layer/Label / behaves (wronlgy) like an image
  • P4: Labelset is statefull 2 - Lock states - teethless tiger

There is surely plenty of additional room for improvent. But we have identified this things as the most important/hindering problems, that have impact on many UX issues. Therfore we decided to first solve them pragmatically but well designed and strive for perfection later ;).

This tasks is for the implementation of the new design. The refactored design will be discussed in the subtask.

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