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Spacing of a worldGeometry of several images is not the greatest common divisor of all spacings
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If more than one image is loaded to datamanager the spacing of the worldGeometry has to be recomputed. The new spacing must be the greatest common divisor(gcd) of all spacings in one direction to cover the pixels of all images.

However this is not implemented that way, as the minimum spacing of each spacings is picked.
( The corresponding lines might be #326 to #325 in mitkDataStorage.cpp )

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Currently we have a shift in MITK, when several images are visible at the same time.

A world geometry is calculated, that includes the geometries of all visible objects. This geometry is used to render the objects onto planes. The used spacing for the rendering is NOT THE original spacing of the objects! the objects are resampled with the spacing of the world geometry. The Spacing of the world geometry is however not the smallest common divisor!

e.g.: Two Images are loaded:

Image1: Spacing (1.00, 1.00, 1.00)

Image2: Spacing (0.50, 0.75, 1.00)

World Geometry Spacing: (0.50, 0.75, 1.00)

The World Geometry Spacing is set as the minimum occuring spacing for each dimension. Due to this, images might be displayed wrong!

To prevent information loss, we could define it as the smallest common divisor. But then, we can easily get extremly small spacings, which will result in extreme memory consumption.

Markus F. should be consulted for solutions.

This bug could not be fixed within the 2013-06 release and has medium severity. Setting target milestone to unspecified.

This bug could not be fixed within the release 2013-06. Setting its target milestone to unspecified

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