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[Segmentation] Region Growing 3D GUI does not provide a "Overwrite" checkbox
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After several segmentation tools and their GUI have been refactored, a new checkbox Create as new segmentation was added. This allows to switch between creating a new segmentation for the current segmentation mask preview or overwriting the existing segmentation node.
The Region Growing 3D GUI still handles this the old way by showing a popup dialog that explicitly requires user confirmation.

To be consistent the Region Growing 3D GUI should be refactored as well.

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All 3D tools that subclass QmitkAutoSegmentationToolGUIBase provide the "Overwrite"-checkbox, since it is implemented there. This holds true for

  • FastMarching3D
  • Otsu
  • Watershed
  • (UL) Threshold
  • Pickin

However, the QmitkAdaptiveRegionGrowingToolGUI does not inherit the QmitkAutoSegmentationToolGUIBase. As already mentioned in a comment above, the Region Growing 3D tools needs to be refactored.

I took the liberty to spend some time to start with a new Region Growing 3D tool, which is based on the QmitkAutoSegmentationToolGUIBase.
However, referring to T28499: Refactor/rewrite RegionGrowing3D tool and T28275: [Segmentation] AdaptiveRegionGrowingTool must be refactored / 4D Segmentation returns error message when point is not on the correct timestep we need to discuss the way we want to go with that new class, which will probably not happen for the 2022.04. release, so I did not continue working on that and want to wait for the discussion.

Close this task. As the "classical" overwrite checkbox is dropped. Region Growing has to be written completly new anyways and then based on mitk::SegToolWithPreview, such features will come for free.

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