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Nifti2 support
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It's currently impossible to open a Nifti2 image. I only tested on Windows 10 (MITK 2016.11 and 2018.04) but it probably affects all OS.

3526.53 core.mod.core.ioUtil ERROR: No reader available for 'path/to/nifti2.nii.gz'

I created my images with this python code

import numpy as np
import nibabel as nib

data = np.random.rand(4, 5, 6, 7).astype(np.float64)  # or any other type
affine = np.eye(4), affine), 'nifti1.nii.gz'), affine), 'nifti2.nii.gz')

I know that VTK supports it since 6.2 so I think MITK should support it.

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@neher Please base the fix on the releases/2018-04 branch.

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Using vtk as reader for non-diffusion-weighted images to circumvent this issue is, on a first glance, rather complicated. Maybe looking into ITK 5 is worth a shot.

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