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[Segmentation] Add tool checks for dynamic plugin view
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Removing the plugin redundancy will result in a more dynamic single plugin view. Since some tools do not work with MultiLabel Segmentations (LabelSetImages) the tools need to be enabled / disabled dynamically, depending on the input data.

Tested tools with "brain.nrrd" and "US4DCyl.nrrd", using multiple labels and multiple layers

Tools that do not work with LabelSet images:

Tools that do not work with 4D images:

Tools that have general problems or are not relevant anymore:

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I did not explicitly handle any segmentation tools differently for multi label segmentations. The mentioned open tasks remain but the related classes need a general overhaul, which is not the scope of this task.
For the merging / redundancy removal of the segmentation views (parent task), I fixed some issues with D597.
A general problem with the CanHandle function was mentioned in T28989: [Segmentation] CanHandle functions seem to be inconsistent.